Vylet Pony

> Zelda Trixie Lulamoon
> It/She/Sea
- 25 yrs old
- Neurodivergent
- Lesbian
+ Musician & Singer

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About: Hi. I'm Vylet Pony. I make music, write stories, and create visual art. I'm originally from the Bay Area, California, but now live in Oregon.

Food: Fried chicken, cheeseburgers, fried calamari, street tacos, most soda, steak, mushrooms, tonkatsu, bubble tea, & Whole™ Milk.

Games: Undertale/Deltarune, Half Life 2, Elden Ring, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Celeste, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom,
League of Legends, Fortnite, Civilization, Counter-Strike, & God of War. You can check my Glitchwave for things I've played!

Music: Genesis, Underscores, Porter Robinson, Bladee, Black Midi, Skrillex, Midair Thief, and so many more. You can check my RateYourMusic or Fav Songs Spotify Playlist for more of that!

Media: My Little Pony, Arcane, Princess Mononoke (and most other Ghibli films), Mr. Bean's Holiday, Wolf Children, Ratatouille, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Wolfwalkers, The Owl House, Bluey, Spongebob, Video Game High School, & videogamedunkey.

Dni: Basic DNI Criteria, proship, artistic elitists, and Neutral Milk Hotel fans (jk).


Who's Triskie?

> From Daly City, CA
> In Portland, OR
> 25 yrs old
> Neurodivergent
> Ace
> Lesbian
> Half asian, half white
> A real life horse*

Art on this page by AstroEden


> Vylet
> Zelda
> Lulamoon

> Trixie
> Canni
> Susie
> Pacifica

> Dubstep Growl
> Ditzy Doo
> Triskie / Triscuit
> Video or Top Five Videos

> Vylet Pony
> vyl3tpwny
> Antonymph
> Can Opener
> I-Ate-The-Moon
> trixielulam00nz
> biscuit327
> darkuspercival95


> It/Its
> She/Her
> Sea/Sea's

Also ok:
> Pony/Pony's
> Fish/Fish(y)s

For fun:
> Vid/Vids or Video/Videos

> Fae/Faer

> They/Them

Socials + Links

This is everywhere you can reach and find me. Anything with a "†" is a main platform.Additionally, I will not accept most Discord requests! Please only add me if we are friends, are a client, or have otherwise given you explicit permission to add me.Also! I don't really use DeviantArt, but if you do check my profile, I was hacked in 2020 and the hacker left a lot of really awful comments. Those were not mine. Thank you <3

Art on this page by TearyEyedAnimal, Nootaz, & AstroEden