Vylet Pony

Name: Zelda Trixie Lulamoon
Pronouns: She - They - It - Pony — Sea

Portland based musician, singer,
writer, illustrator, designer, & producer.

Discord: Vylet Pony#0001
Email: vyletpony@gmail.com

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Mini Music Portfolio

Best Albums

These are what I would consider to be my all-time best albums. (If you like them on Spotify, you should definitely consider buying them on Bandcamp.)


And here are some playlists that are great for if you're new to my music!

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About Me

Artist Name: Vylet Pony


Names You Can Call Me (In order of preference):

Canni / Can Opener


Pronouns: She - They - It - Pony - Sea

> Hi there! I'm Trixie, but you can call me any of the names and pronouns that I have listed.


> Neurodivergent creature living in Oregon, but originally I'm from California. I really love the ocean and fish and stuff.

> I make music, sing, design, write stuff, I just like being creative.

> Started creating music sometime in 2006, using Garageband and a KORG M1 keyboard. Now here I am doing it so much!

> I do a lot of creative things with my girlfriend Eden. You should see what she does here > Eden <

Random facts:

> Favourite music: Porter Robinson, Madeon, Tyler the Creator, Genesis, KLRX, Frank Ocean, Tennyson, Skrillex, SOPHIE, & More! (These are my current favourite albums)

> Favourite Movies: Coco, Howl's Moving Castle, Shawshank Redemption, Inside Out, Parasite, Whiplash, Mr. Bean's Holiday, The Shining, & More!

> Favourite Video Games: Earthbound, Undertale, Hades, Super Mario Odyssey, Celeste, Breath of the Wild, Hyperlight Drifter, Dark Souls Series, Hitman World of Assassination Trilogy, Horizon Zero Dawn, Chrono Trigger, & More!

> Favourite Books: 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear, Lord of the Flies, Aquicorn Cove, Toradora, Francis of the Filth (yes), American Born Chinese.

> Favourite Animals: Possums, Trout, Salmon, Atlantic Mackerel, Spiders, Ferrets, Hedgehogs, Snails, Toucans, & Cats.

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(I love you Eden)